Exchange programs in Mainz

The department of law of the FB 03 (university department 03) offers foreign exchange students various possibilities of organization of their studies abroad in Mainz. Next to the possibility of spending a basic ERASMUS year in Mainz they also have a chance to acquire a certificate of German law or to even acquire a LL.M graduate degree (Magister / Magistra Legum).  More precise specifications, entry requirements and application procedures are listed in the following paragraphs.


An ERASMUS course of studies offers foreign exchange students the opportunity to get to know Germany as a study location and particularly the state capital of Mainz within the framework of their academic course work. ERASMUS study programs are available to all students whose home country faculty is engaged in a partnership with the department of law and economics. Preferably you should  get in contact with the ERASMUS coordinator of your faculty today to find out if such a partnership exists. You can directly apply for the program via you faculty.

Certificate of German Law

If you want to make use of your ERASMUS year in Mainz to gain substantial knowledge of German law, the certificate of German law offers an ideal chance to do so.
The requirements to obtain this certificate of German law are that you study 2 semesters in Mainz and that each semester you acquire at least 30 ECTS points. With regards to content your main focus in the classes you take should be on German law, which means your classes should not predominantly be located in the fields of International or European law. Furthermore your courses would have to cover at least two of the three partial legislation fields: civil law, public law and criminal law.

Should you pass the final exams at the end of the semester in your chosen courses you will receive a certificate of German law which will represent your particular dedication and interest for German law and might be an essential advantage in later applications.

The certificate of German Law can be acquired within the course of an ERASMUS study program. However it is required that you register for this within the first three weeks of the semester at the study abroad office of the department of law.
For questions about the ERASMUS study program in Mainz you can contact the ERASMUS coordinator of the study abroad office of the law department.


If you already have a foreign law degree, the LL.M degree course provides an interesting opportunity to graduate within the time frame of a year and three months, slightly more than two semesters , with a German academic degree in an international atmosphere.

Requirements are that you have studied law in your home country or abroad in Germany for at last three years and have a sufficient knowledge of German. The LL.M degree course presents a chance to get acquainted with the main features of German law, in which you are free to choose the classes which suit your main interests. However, it is obligatory that during your first semester you take at least 10 contact hours (class hours total) and 8 contact hours during your second semester and that you take and pass the exams in your chosen classes.

During the second semester you will have to produce a Magister term paper on a topic of your own choosing. Nevertheless you will not have to tackle the challenges of your degree courses all by yourself. During your whole course of studies you will be enthusiastically supervised by your professors, your mentor for your magister term paper and the study abroad office of the law department. Course-related tutorials will help you cope with the class material and in the pleasant atmosphere of the seminar library of the department you can research your literature or catch up on your course materials.

Should you pass the various exams as well as your Magister term paper you will be awarded with the academic degree of Magister Legum (LL.M) from Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz , which can be, internationally seen,  a true competitive advantage.

Applications for the LL.M degree program need to directly be handed in to the International Office of the Johannes Gutenberg- University Mainz.

Should you have any more questions, feel free to contact the team of the LL.M-office of the study abroad office of the law department.